INFO: MailMarshal (SEG/ECM), WebMarshal, and Latest Windows or SQL Versions

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This article applies to:

  • Trustwave MailMarshal (SEG)
  • Trustwave SEG Service Provider Edition
  • Trustwave ECM/MailMarshal Exchange
  • WebMarshal 
  • Marshal Reporting Console
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft SQL Server


  • Will Trustwave SEG, ECM, or WebMarshal work with a new Windows version?
  • Will Trustwave SEG, ECM, or WebMarshal work with a new Windows service pack?
  • Will Trustwave SEG, ECM, WebMarshal, or Marshal Reporting Console work with a new SQL Server service pack?


Windows versions:

Trustwave tests each SEG, ECM, and WebMarshal release with specific Windows versions.

The product installer will notify you if you are installing the product on a Windows version that has not yet been tested (this feature is present in current supported versions).

For the latest list of tested Windows versions, see the following Trustwave Knowledgebase articles:

  • Q11358 (Trustwave SEG, WebMarshal, Marshal Reporting Console)
  • Q11588 (Trustwave SEG Service Provider Edition)
  • Q14131 (Trustwave ECM)

Trustwave recommends that any production installation of these products should be on a fully tested version of Windows.

SQL Server:

Trustwave tests software with specific versions of Microsoft SQL Server. SQL commands and features can change between version releases. Use only the tested versions.

  • If a minimum Service Pack is specified for SQL, be sure you have applied at least the minimum Service Pack.

Service Packs and Windows Updates:

Historically, core functionality of the products listed has rarely, if ever, been affected by Service Pack or Microsoft Update changes to Windows or SQL Server. However, Trustwave cannot guarantee future performance.

  • If product functionality is affected by Service Packs or Microsoft Updates, Trustwave will work with customers to restore functionality. If a full resolution requires product development, it might not be available immediately.

Known Issues:

This article will be updated with information about any known issues with specific new versions of Windows.

  • Windows 10: Validated for all components with current versions of SEG and WebMarshal.
    • Note that Trustwave recommends use of a server operating system for email/web processing, Array Manager, and SEG web components.
  • Windows Server 2019: Tested and supported with the latest releases of SEG and WebMarshal.
  • Windows Server 2016: Tested and supported with the latest releases of the named products.
  • SQL 2017: Validated with the latest releases of SEG and WebMarshal.
  • SQL 2016: Validated with the latest releases of SEG, ECM, and WebMarshal.
  • SQL 2014: Validated with the latest releases of SEG, ECM, and WebMarshal.
  • Marshal Reporting Console and SQL: The latest edition of SQL server that is tested with MRC is SQL 2016.
    • SQL 2012 and above requires MRC 2.6. 
    • Note that current versions of SQL Server may require a current Windows version.

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