HOWTO: How do I download new rules after upgrading MailMarshal SMTP?

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  • Trustwave MailMarshal (SEG)


How do I download new rules after upgrading MailMarshal SMTP?


New versions of MailMarshal SMTP ship with a new set of default rules that support new features in each release. The updated rules are only installed on new installations of MailMarshal SMTP.

  • For some important new features, the upgrade installation adds a uniquely named policy group containg new rules. For details, see the Release Notes for each release.
  • Trustwave recommends that customers review the MailMarshal SMTP default rule listings to identify useful new rules and features.
  • The default rule listings for each version of MailMarshal SMTP are available on the MailMarshal SMTP documentation page (requires login).  


  • In some earlier versions Trustwave provided update merge files. However, these files are no longer supplied.

    • The merge files supplied in the releases were not useful for customers upgrading over multiple versions.
    • It was difficult to enforce safe merges where rule features changed between versions.  
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