FAQ: Why is ICAP client as cache proxy not caching content?

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    In ICAP topology, the ICAP client is also used as a caching proxy. However some of the content is not being cached. Why is this and how can it be solved?

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    In specific situations some of the content is not cached when using caching proxy and Vital Security Appliance as an ICAP server.

     When using the Vital Security NG Appliance as an ICAP server with a caching proxy.


    Any content request which gets the status page will not be cached on the caching proxy.


    In order to have specific content cached on the caching proxy we should disable
    the status page examination for this specific content.


    In order to do so, please perform the following steps:
    1. Log in to the Management Console.
    2. Navigate to Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Status page.
    3. Set the required content types to be cached under the ‘Don't Activate if Content Type includes following substrings’ text box.

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    NG 1000
    NG 5000
    NG 8000
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