INFO: Additions to Release Notes for WebMarshal 7.3

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  • What are the Release Notes for WebMarshal 7.3?


The Release Notes included with WebMarshal 7.3 are accurate as of the date of publication.

WebMarshal 7.3.2 (build was released on July 4, 2019.

This article provides highlights and any later updates.

See also the Current Known Issues article, Q21010.

Memory Prerequisite

Version 7.3 introduces changes in the FileFilter and URL Category management. These changes enhance lookup speed and flexibility. 

  • To ensure adequate performance, Trustwave recommends additional memory be made available for version 7.3 processing servers.
  • Recommendation: 4GB available to WebMarshal. Additional memory required for SQL (if installed locally), and for cached CRL information if CRL checking is enabled.

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