Trustwave File Type and Unpacker Release Notes

Last Revision: April 15, 2024

The File Type and Unpacker modules are used by Trustwave MailMarshal (SEG), Trustwave ECM, and WebMarshal. Updates are made available for recent versions through the Automatic Updates service. Each product release includes the current update of File Type and Unpacker.

For details of the File Type and Unpacker versions published for each product version, see Trustwave Knowledgebase article Q20446.

Note: File extensions are provided in this document for reference only. File Type is determined based on file structure, and not by the file name or extension.

New Features

For more information about additional minor features and bug fixes, see the release history.

Features new in 2024.02.01

Features new in 2023.03.01

For earlier updates, see previous versions of Release Notes linked from Trustwave Knowledgebase article Q20446.

Release History

The following items have been changed or updated in the specific build versions of File Type and Unpacker listed.

2024.02.01 (April 15, 2024)

FTU-294 Power BI Report files are and internal components are recognized and unpacked.
FTU-297 PGP Public Key files are recognized.
FTU-326 An updated version of the WebP library is included.
FTU-348 Extraction of URLs for URLDeep evaluation is improved.
FTU-363 An updated version of the PDF unpacker is included.
FTU-364 Password extraction for encrypted archives has been enhanced.

2023.03.01 (September 26, 2023)

FT-281 RAR archives with only some files password encrypted are correctly detected and usable files are passed to the unpacker.
FT-290 File Type release versions now are numbered by the calendar year and quarter.
FT-292 P12 and PFX certificate files are recognized.
FT-295 Specific Windows executable files were not recognized. Fixed.
FT-296 Specific message body text was incorrectly treated as an attached email message. Fixed.
UNPACK-380 Unpacker release versions now are numbered by the calendar year and quarter.
UNPACK-383 Unpacking did not honor the content-disposition Attachment in specific cases. Fixed.
UNPACK-384 An updated version of the PDF unpacker is included.
UNPACK-387 Password extraction for encrypted archives could cause the MailMarshal Engine to stop unexpectedly. Fixed.

For earlier updates, see previous versions of Release Notes linked from Trustwave Knowledgebase article Q20446.

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