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  • What information and setup is required in the existing environment before a SEG Cloud account can be provisioned?


This article highlights configuration items you must complete in your existing environment before your SEG Cloud account can be provisioned. For full details of the product features and web interfaces, see the SEG Cloud Customer Guide and the Web Console Help.

Email Acceptance

You must configure your firewall and email server (or cloud service) to accept incoming messages from SEG Cloud. You must complete this task before your account is provisioned because email from Trustwave will be sent through SEG Cloud immediately upon provisioning.

Email sending through SEG Cloud is a separate item that you can only complete after provisioning is complete.

Incoming Port

Your email server must accept email on port 25, the standard SMTP port.

IP address range

You must allow incoming messages from the IP address range of the location where your company is provisioned.

For details, see SEG Cloud connection details for your region:

Note: Ensure that your internal email system always accepts messages from this IP range. For example, if you use IP reputation services, whitelist the SEG Cloud IP addresses.

If you use Microsoft Exchange Online as your mail server, you should exclude the SEG Cloud IP range from filtering temporarily. After the SEG Cloud service is live, you should configure a connector so that incoming mail can ONLY be sent from SEG Cloud. For details, see the document Using SEG Cloud with Cloud-Based Email Solutions.

User Registration

As part of the provisioning process Trustwave recommends you upload a list of all valid email addresses within your organization. This list can be maintained automatically from a directory service using the Connector Agent application. SEG Cloud can be configured to accept incoming email only for these addresses, and quarantine or reject email sent to invalid addresses. Trustwave intends to make this registration mandatory for new customers soon.

For further information and setup details, see SEG Cloud article Q21152FAQ: User Registration (Licensed Users)

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    Last Modified: September 22, 2020

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