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  • What are the Release Notes for Trustwave MailMarshal (SEG) 10.1?


Trustwave SEG version 10.1.0 ( was released on April 3, 2024.

NOTE: Release was withdrawn. Customers who installed this version must upgrade to avoid potential disruption to Mail History.

The Release Notes included with the product are generally accurate as of the date of publication.

This article provides any additional information or corrections generated after that date.

See also article Q21135 for information about Known and Fixed Issues.

10.1.0 Release Update

Trustwave identified an issue with database insertion in release This issue could affect the display of data in Mail History and the ability to manage processed messages. The issue is resolved in
  • After upgrading to the later release, to ensure that all processed messages appear in Mail History:
    • On each email processing server (including single server installations): Check the folder logging\dblog\badlog in the MailMarshal install folder. 
    • Move any files with extension .dblog to the parent folder (logging\dblog
    • These records will be submitted for processing into the database.

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