INFO: What are the Release Notes for Trustwave SPE 4.3?

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  • Trustwave SPE 4.3.X


  • What are the Release Notes for Trustwave SPE 4.3.X?


Release 4.3.0 is the current release of SPE.

The Release Notes included with Trustwave SPE 4.3 are accurate as of the date of publication.

  • Build was published on October 11, 2022.
  • This article provides any additional information generated after that date.
  • Full release notes are provided with the installation package.

Upgrade - New Management Interface

Upgrade from version 4.2 installs the new Management Interface website. Upgrade disables the legacy Admin Console website that depends on Internet Explorer.

For details, see Knowledgebase Article Q21188.

Known Issues

  • When a customer is moved to a different reseller, the selection of Customer Packages is lost. Any rule selections or rule user matching must be re-applied. To work around this issue, generate a rule summary before moving the customer, and immediately re-instate packages and customizations.

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