HOWTO: Branding the Administrator Console in MailMarshal SPE

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This article applies to:

  • MailMarshal SPE 3.0 through 4.2


  • How can I customize the look of the MailMarshal SPE Administrator Console site?


The most basic level of customization for the Administrator Console website is setting of your product name and company name. This feature is available through the Admin Web Console user interface.

For additional customization, you can edit some CSS stylesheets and replace some images.

This article provides general guidance.

All files are located within the Web Console website folder. By default this folder is created at one of these locations:

  • (SPE 4.X, new installations) C:\Program Files\Trustwave\Trustwave SPE\Website\
  • (SPE 3.X and upgrades to 4.X, 64 bit systems) C:\Program Files (x86)\Marshal\MailMarshal SPE\Website\ 
  • (SPE 3.X, 32 bit systems) C:\Program Files\Marshal\MailMarshal SPE\Website\


  • Change only the files referenced below, and test any changes. Changing other files could have unpredictable results.
  • Save your changed files in another location. Future upgrades or installation repair actions could overwrite your changes.
  • Ensure that you set the correct Windows file permissions for any files you copy from other locations.
  • You may need to clear the local browser cache to see updated images.

Login Page

Page Logo
Logo: images\login-logo.jpg
Background frame for the login page form (400x220 pixels)
Page Footer
HTML file: branding/login-footer.html
HTML file included on the login page, below the form

Right Pane

Logo: branding\watermark.jpg (389x500 pixels; can be any size to fit)
Background watermark on the bottom left of each main page
Frame Header
Colors and logo can be changed.
Stylesheet: stylesheets\frameheader.css
Logo: branding\mmspe.gif (200x46 pixels, transparent background)
Page Header
Colors can be changed.
Stylesheet: stylesheets\taskpad.css
CSS class: TaskpadNameRow 
Page Description
Text colors and background image can be changed.
Stylesheet: stylesheets\default.css
CSS class: barDescription
Background image: images\bardescbackground.gif (40x60 pixels)

Left Pane

Root Node Icon
Icon can be changed
images\menuicons\treenode.gif (16x16 pixels, transparent background recommended)
Powered By logo
Logo can be changed or removed.
Logo: branding\poweredby.gif (120x38 pixels, transparent background)
The logo image can be up to 180 pixels wide.
To remove or further change the logo:
  • Edit the CSS stylesheet stylesheets\dtree.css
  • Change the class .PoweredBy

Upgrade Behavior:

When you upgrade MailMarshal SPE, your changes will be overwritten. You must re-apply the changes.

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