INFO: Troubleshooting a patch download issue.

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Troubleshooting a patch download issue.


The R3000 checks for new patches at the top of every hour, this process is called Traveler. Traveler will run to make sure it has downloaded the latest patches. Even if it has already downloaded all available patches, the process will still run at the top of every hour.

If Traveler is sending alerts that it has failed to download the last few attempts, then please check the following:

1. Make sure the hostname of the R3000 matches the hostname you activated the account with, as this must be exact. If you are not sure what hostname was used to activate the unit, you can call Trustwave Technical Support +1-713-682-1400 to find out. Please have your serial number ready in order for Support to look up the correct unit.

2. Make sure patch.8e6.net resolves using the DNS server that R3000 is configured with. Currently, patch.8e6.net should resolve to

3. Make sure HTTPS transfers are allowed on the firewall, this takes place on port 443.

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