HOWTO: Updating computer IP group membership dynamically

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This article applies to:

  • WebMarshal 7.5.0 and above


  • How can I change the permissions of a computer when the IP address changes?
  • Updating IP group membership dynamically


WebMarshal "IP authentication" applies policy based on the IP group of a computer. 

The group membership in most cases is based on the client computer name looked up at the time of the first connection, and does not change if the computer's IP address changes.

You can use the setting described below to re-check the computer IP address and move the computer to a new group if the address changes. 


To turn on the IP address update function:

  • Edit the file WMController.config.xml on each processing server.
  • In the Controller node, add (or edit) the attribute userIPAddressUpdate="true"
  • Do not make any other changes to the line or the file
  • Example file:

    <Controller userIPAddressUpdate="true" [other attributes...] />


  • For general information about editing XML settings files, see article Q12705.
  • The file WMController.config.xml is located on the processing server. If you have more than one processing server, you must make the changes on each server.
  • To apply the change, restart the WebMarshal Controller service.
  • To revert the change, set the attribute value to false, or remove the attribute.
  • Back up configuration before making changes.
  • The file WMController.config.xml normally contains additional settings. The Controller node can have multiple attributes. This node should only occur once.
  • To adjust this setting, only add (or remove) the specific attribute userIPAddressUpdate.

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