INFO: Google Safe Browsing replaced by Google Web Risk in WebMarshal

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This article applies to:

  • WebMarshal 7.1 through 7.4.0 - Google Safe Browsing
  • WebMarshal 7.4.1 and above  - Google Web Risk


  • Why is Google Safe Browsing replaced by Google Web Risk?


WebMarshal 7.1 and above included an option to use the Google Safe Browsing service through a plug-in developed by Trustwave. 

As of November 11, 2019, Google Safe Browsing cannot be used by commercial products, such as the WebMarshal plug-in. 

To comply with the Google terms of service, Trustwave disabled the Google Safe Browsing function in WebMarshal with an automatic update to the Scan Engine DLL. 

When the service is disabled:

  • The option to use the Safe Browsing engine will still be present under Access Policy in the Console.
  • The Google Safe Browsing section of the Dashboard will show that the engine is disabled for all processing servers.

WebMarshal includes many other layers of protection against malicious sites, such as TRACEnet, virus scanners, and the Trustwave Web Filter Database. These other layers will continue to provide protection as always.

The Safe Browsing integration in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is not affected by this change.

Google Web Risk

In WebMarshal 7.4.1 and above, the Google Web Risk functionality is available. This feature provides identical categorization to Google Safe Browsing, using the familiar configuration interfaces.

Customers must enter a Google API Key to use this feature. Customers should carefully review the Google Terms of Service for use of the Web Risk API.

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