INFO: Web Filter Database changes - November 2023

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This article applies to:

  • WebMarshal
  • Trustwave Web Filter Database
  • Note changes with WebMarshal version 7.5.5


This article describes changes to the categories available in the Web Filter Database URL categorization service that is used by WebMarshal and other products.

The changes do not require any action from customers. However, customers should review their use of the categories to ensure the best use of available information

Categorization Check

To check the categorization of any URL, see the URL check page on the Trustwave support site. You can also request a review of categorization.

New Categories

In version 7.5.5 and above, a new category for Artificial Intelligence is provided. In addition, the School Cheating category has been restored.

Deprecated Categories

Some categories that were provided before May 2019 are not available in the current database. The deprecated categories generally relate to special purpose sites and typically include only a small number of URLs. The URLs in these categories have generally been added to other appropriate categories.

In new installations of WebMarshal 7.5 and above, the deprecated categories are removed.

On upgrade to version 7.5 or above, the deprecated categories are listed as "Category [category number] no longer available". To preserve integrity of customer configuration the categories are not removed. Trustwave recommends that customers remove the listings manually. 

  • The list below shows the number for each deprecated category.

In earlier versions, the deprecated categories will still be available, but they will no longer be updated. They will contain the final list of URLs published from the old database. Trustwave recommends that customers do not use the deprecated categories and remove the listings manually. 

The list of deprecated categories and category numbers is:

  • Adware (0) 
  • Child Pornography (9)
  • Comics (10)
  • Cults (13)
  • School cheating (88) - Available again in 7.5.5 and above
  • Educational games (20)
  • Fantasy sports (24)
  • Fitness (27)
  • Free hosting (28)
  • Freeware (29)
  • Greeting cards (70)
  • Holistic medicine (42)
  • Humor (43)
  • Internet radio (48)
  • ISPs (49)
  • Military appreciation (59)
  • Online classes (68)
  • Portals (78)
  • Religious opinion (85)
  • Remote access (34)
  • Social opinion (93)
  • Self defense (90)
  • Theater (97)
  • Tickets (98)
  • Traffic (107)
  • Web-based productivity apps (113)
  • Web-based newsgroups (109)

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