HOWTO: Upgrading WebMarshal Array installations

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This article applies to:

  • WebMarshal 6.X or 7.X
  • Array installations


  • What is the correct order for upgrading a WebMarshal array installation with separate Array Manager and Processing Node servers?


To upgrade an array with multiple processing nodes, upgrade the Array Manager first. After upgrading the Array Manager, upgrade any additional processing nodes.

This order minimizes disruption when the version of XML configuration files is changed by the upgrade.

When the Array Manager has been updated you will note the following symptoms until you upgrade the nodes:

  • A message will be logged in the Node Controller service logs: Warning - General : Contact with the WebMarshal Array Manager has been lost.
  • WebMarshal Console will show the status of the node's configuration as "out of date" with the previous version.
  • The nodes will continue to process requests using the last valid configuration.


If you upgrade the nodes first, you will experience the following symptoms until the Array Manager is updated:

  • Proxy and Engine services will not start.
  • The following error message will be logged by each service: Error - Unexpected Error : An unexpected error has occurred: Fetch policy - Policy file is incorrect version ( should be 5 ).
  • Once you upgrade the Array Manager, you may need to join the nodes to the array using the Server Tool.

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