You've been linked to this page because you had a concern about being denied access to view a particular Web page. We have assembled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand what is going on.

Who is "Trustwave" and why are you denying me access?

Trustwave (formerly M86 Security) is a company that provides Internet filtering and reporting solutions to business, schools and ISPs. However, we only supply the tools to filter and monitor Internet access; our clients are actually the ones who make the decision whether a particular site or category of Web sites is to be restricted.

Why was I denied access to this page?

The organization that provides you with Internet access (your company, school district, library, or ISP depending on your situation) has implemented our Web filtering tools. The site you tried to access was in one of the categories the administrators at that organization chose to restrict access to.

I need this page! How do I get it unblocked?

Your system administrator is the only one that can change your filtering settings. Our products have the ability to block and unblock whole categories of sites or specific Web sites. They can also change filtering levels by user.

I've already worked with my administrator and was told that the site seems to be in the wrong category.

If that is true, we would certainly like to know about it. Occasionally, Web sites change or relocate and need to be looked at. Please use this form to give us the URL and your question about the site.