The Trustwave Link Validator is part of the Trustwave SEG Blended Threat Module. SEG rewrites URL links in email so that the links are passed to the Validator.

What is a Blended Threat?

A Blended Threat is an attempt to compromise information security that uses multiple vectors. Blended Threat email messages are typically crafted so that they appear to be from a trusted sender. They contain links to a website hosting malicious code, or attempting to entice the user into providing personal information. Blended Threat emails are sometimes targeted to a specific individual or individuals.

What is the Blended Threat Module?

The Trustwave SEG Blended Threat Module uses a number of validation methods, including real-time behavioral analysis and content inspection as well as information from a number of industry standard sources, to identify and block sites that serve suspicious or malicious code. Because validation is performed in real time by a cloud service when a link is clicked, it provides superior effectiveness in catching and neutralizing new exploits for all users on any device from any location.