The links below are designed to test the various categories of WebMarshal Rule.

Before you start, check that WebMarshal is filtering requests by clicking http://webmarshal.home. This link should return information about your WebMarshal server. If it returns a blank page or error then verify that your browser settings are correct.

Remember that Rule action may be dependent on the user and time of day. Also, note that action is based on the first Rule matched - for instance Eicar.com may be blocked by a "dangerous file names" or "dangerous file types" rule, before virus testing occurs.

You can also check site classifications in the Trustwave (M86) Filter List.

File Type/Name
Small files of various types
   Email Message (file extension .EML)
   Executable (file extension .EXE)
   VB Script (File extension .VBS)
   ZIP archive (File extension .ZIP)
   Encrypted (passworded) archive (File extension .RAR)

File Size
Large files of various types
   PDF file (5,689 KB)

Text Censor
Files matched to some WebMarshal default TextCensor scripts Note: Depending on the version of WebMarshal, the rule action when these scripts are matched will differ.

Virus Test
These are not real viruses!
   Eicar test file (not a real virus)
   Eicar renamed as .txt (not a real virus)
   Eicar in a zip archive (Detected by Sophos, McAfee, and PestPatrol)

Strip a Cookie
A simple http cookie (timestamp) will be returned with this page.
Upload Rules
All upload rules can be tested through these pages.